Offsite Computer Backup announces ShadowProtect Replication services

Offsite Computer Backup announces ShadowProtect Replication services.  Until now, replicating full backups images offsite has always been a challenge, especially when you consider the long term management of the backups.  We are excited to announce that we are now offering a secure replication service specifically designed for ShadowProtect 5 (and higher) with ImageManager Replication.  With the new release of ShadowProtect, crucial replication functionality is now built into the software.  Where the true challenge lies, is on the other end.  Where do the images go?  Who manages the backup images at the replication site?  How securely are they transmitted?

Offsite Computer Backup fills this need.  We provide a secure transfer mechanism, secure storage, and image management services, all while keeping data encrypted.  A typical setup entails setting ShadowProtect on customers servers and taking continuous backup images of entire volumes of data.  Each night, either all the daily incremental images are transferred to our secure data center, or just the end of day collapsed image can be transferred .  Once we receive your images for the day, they are automatically verified to ensure we have a complete and valid image.

Finally, we create, weekly and monthly collapsed images so that the dependency chain of backup images remains as small as possible, and disk space stays manageable.

Offsite Computer Backup LLC, a privately held company in Scottsdale, AZ offers complete backup solutions to small and medium sized businesses around the world, and has a network of IT resellers who rely on our solutions for the protection of their customers most important assets, their data.  For more information on our products and services, call (800) 938-3282.