Image Based Backups

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Full Image Based Backup – Everything is backed up… Everything.  And fast too.  Image based backups are the fasted way to backup everything on a system.  It does not matter how many files, what type they are, etc.  The operating system, programs, settings, patches, updates, and of course critical data, are all backed up.

Virtual Machine Support – Physical or Virtual… it doesn’t matter. Recoveries can be done Physical to Virtual (P-V), Virtual to Physical (V-P), (P-V-P), VHD, VKMD, VMWare, VirtualBox, Hyper V, whatever.  When it comes to recovery, many times it’s a Virtual Machine or BDR device that bridges the gap and keeps your business running.  Support for this technology is important.  Moreover, any backup (full or incremental) can be mounted and booted in seconds using MS Hyper-V, Oracle’s VirtualBox or in the cloud.

FAST Recovery Time (RTO) –ShadowProtect was already fast, but with their new patent-pending technology called Head Start, downed systems can be online in minutes.

Unmatched Recovery Points (RPO) –  With realistic backups at 15 minute intervals, losing data is no longer an issue.  Even on high use enterprise systems, we are seeing 15 minute backup intervals that actually work.  This kind of RPO would otherwise be left only to a handful of companies that could afford disaster recovery solutions costing hundreds of thousands yearly to implement and maintain.

Efficient  and QUICK incremental images – Due to its sector based technology, incremental images are lightning fast.  Compared to file based backups, incremental backups are completed in seconds or minutes,  NOT hours like file based solutions.

Granular Exchange Support – Know as Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE), Exchange backups are now simple, even the big ones.  Until now, properly backing up and actually getting consistently successful backups for Exchange was a challenging, especially as the Information Store grows to massive sized.  Not only can ShadowProtect backup Exchange with ease, with the addition of GRE, it now has all the desired management tools to migrate and restore at the mailbox or even mail item level.  Users can be extracted from exchange and PST files can be created with exactly the data desired.  Data mining can also be performed using the powerful search capabilities.

Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) – Backup images are synced to the cloud where they can be virtualized with just a click. Now, recovering in any disaster situation is quick, easy and reliable.

Business Continuity – Don’t let a downed system stop business. With so many options to recover, your business will continue to run.

Fair Pricing – Enterprise grade backups solutions at affordable prices.  Inquire for current pricing specials.