Offsite Backup

This is our traditional offsite "file-based" backup solution.  This includes the license for our Online Backup Manager, and disk space in our secure facility.  For most businesses and individuals, this is the option you are looking for.

Starting at $20/month, please contact us for additional details.

  • Unlimited users - no per seat license fees.
  • Unlimited computers - no per computer license fees.
  • No contracts - no commitments, cancel anytime.
  • No setup fee - on-site (when possible) or via remote assist.
  • No hidden fees - if its not on this page, we don't charge for it.
  • Compressed billing - we only bill for actual compressed disk space used.
  • No bucket billing - only pay for what you actually use, instead of the whole bucket.
  • No restore fee - we don't charge you to restore data, ever.
  • No credit card required - We offer invoicing, or pay with company or government Purchase Orders.
  • No unnecessary 'Add-On' fees - 'Open File' protection, MS Exchange 'Server Level' backup, MS SQL Backup, System State backup (Active Directory, registry, and more), My SQL backup, Oracle database backup, and Lotus Backup, all at no additional cost.

ShadowProtect by StorageCraft

For businesses that need an "image based" backup, or the ability to do "bare metal" restores, this is the product for you.  ShadowProtect can be used with or without our traditional Offsite Backup solution above.  When used in conjunction with our offsite solution above, scheduling and monitoring can be done via our Online Backup Manager and full images of computers and servers can be uploaded to our facility very quickly and efficiently using our delta technology.  Licensing is per machine.  The software can be downloaded here and is full featured with an unrestricted 30 day trial.
  • ShadowProtect by StorageCraft - Server Edition - Please inquire
  • ShadowProtect by StorageCraft - SBS Edition - Please inquire
  • ShadowProtect by StorageCraft - Desktop Edition - Please inquire
  • ShadowProtect by StorageCraft - VM Edition - Please inquire
  • Granular Recovery for Exchange (GRE) Option - Please inquire
  • Remote monitoring service - Please inquire
Monthly lease options include free upgrades and maintenance.  Purchase option includes first 12 months of upgrades and maintenance.  Additional years are priced at 20% of retail price.

Please contact us to order.

Optional Services Available

MS Exchange 'Mail Level' backup - This option provides an additional layer of protection for MS Exchange.  'Server Level' backup is included with every account at no cost.  'Mail Level' backup allows for recovery of individual accounts (or single items) in exchange.  The benefit comes when an individual exchange mailbox become corrupt or you need to restore a single item from within Exchange.  With 'Server Level' backups, you would roll back the entire information store to the last good copy and every single exchange user (sometimes hundreds) are forced to roll back also.  This 'Mail Level' backup gives you more options at restore time.  With this option, it is possible to restore a single email or contact.  We recommend 'Mail Level' backups be used in addition to 'Server Level' backup.
  • $1.00/mailbox - 1-25 mailboxes
  • $0.75/mailbox - 26-100 mailboxes
  • $0.50/mailbox - 101-500 mailboxes
  • $0.25/mailbox - 501 or more mailboxes